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The Mission

Friendly Faces Kids Salon & Spa is a fun, and memorable experience for the entire family. Our goal at Friendly Faces Kids Salon & Spa is make the hair and nail care process for children as enjoyable as possible. We realize that the keys to this is having a fun and comfortable salon environment for children. We know the importance of having clear communication and understanding of our client’s needs and expectations. The Friendly Faces motto is to provide “outstanding service with a smile, from the inside and out.” In our Kid’s location we intend to inspire the same character in the children we service.

The Experience

Upon arrival, we conduct a brief, but comprehensive initial consultation with the consenting adult, this allows us to meet the specific needs of each child that we service. Here at Friendly Faces Kids Salon & Spa we take pride in using only the very best in safe and effective children’s products. We use natural-based products that are allergen-free. All of our products are formulated to be gentle on kids’ sensitive hair, skin, scalp and eyes.


In our children’s salon, we use special lighting, music, décor, textiles and colors throughout the space to keep your child happy and entertained. At each of our styling stations, a specially-trained Friendly Faces Kids Stylist will work their magic while your child will be kept entertained. Our salon offers tons of fun, including; televisions that will have the latest cartoons playing, Your child may enjoy one of our many gaming systems that includes Sony Play Stations and Microsoft Xbox. Our salon also features custom computer games, toys and activities that we promise won’t disappoint. Each of our styling station is custom-designed for maximum safety and comfort, including a safety strap for toddlers, and plenty of room for your child to move around.

Friendly Faces Signature Parties

All of our parties are special and unique for each child. Our salon offers a special party room for your child’s next event. Our experienced and lively staff will not only design a unique and personal celebration for your child, filled with jam-packed fun, but will also host this perfectly planned celebration for you. Click on the pricing and service for more information and allow us to take care of all of your party needs.

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